Santiago Alvarez

Game Programmer
Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer who has dedicated his career to Game Programming.

• 3+ years of professional game programming experience.
• 3+ years of experience using Unity / C# in different shipped titles.
• A year of professional experience developing games in HTML5, Javascript and Phaser.

Shipped Titles:
Puppet Kings - Timba Games (Credited).
Moana: Rhythm Run - Disney Interactive (Credited).
30+ different web games for the games portal.

I'm currently looking for job opportunities, and I would be happy to relocate myself.

Professional Projects

Software Engineer

  • In charge of the design and development of multiple in-house tools, among them:
    • A breakable words generator for the playable credits.
    • A series of tools for sorting and parenting multiple GameObjects at once.
  • Programmed the behavior of two of the main bosses. Extending from previous base code and following design instructions I worked side by side with an artist in order to achieve a fun experience.


Unity, C#, Git

Gameplay and UI Programmer

  • Extended core functionalities to some of the Main Characters' and Enemies' behaviors.
  • Developed multiple UIs: Main Menu, Scrollable Map and Loading Scenes.
  • Programmed a modular system to create random-loopable levels.
  • Cut, trim and export multiple 2D assets.
  • Optimized most of the images/textures to reduce the app size.
This title was featured by Apple.


Unity, C#, Git, Photoshop

Games and Tools Programmer

  • Programmed 30+ different published web games for desktop and mobile browsers at the games portal.
  • Developed different in-house tools to reduce workflow time.
  • Contributed to the scaling and resolution system for all games to support different devices and browsers.
  • Evaluated new technologies and summarized the ones that work better for the games and apps to be developed.


HTML5, Javascript, Phaser, Game Maker Studio, Java (Tools), Shell Scripting (Tools)

Personal Projects

Résumé, Bio and Contact Information


Feel free to reach me at:
or through LinkedIn at:

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at GSN Games (Contract - Remote).

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering at Universidad Nacional of Colombia. During school, I worked as a student research assistant and I taught to other undergraduate students about game development.

During and following college, I always kept pursuing my passion for making games, I joined Rainbow Tree Inc as a Game Programmer while finishing my studies.

After graduating and multiple shipped web games I worked with Cocodrilo Dog Games developing an exciting Disney game.

I joined the team at Timba Games in late 2016 where we shipped Puppet Kings and worked on interactive apps for clients.

I left Timba in 2018 to join GSN Games where my day to day work consists on developing features and support both the WorldWinner app and previous games, as well as develop new games for the enjoyment of daily thousands of players.


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